Lucy Smith’s work explores the impact of how social and educational issues relate to the formation of communities, their customs and initiatives. Her background in education and musical performance informs her collaborative approach to making artworks that are fuelled by the idea that creativity and imagination can influence well-being and tease out ways that individuals can contribute, participate in and add value to a community.

Lucy collaborates with artists, musicians and organisations to investigate and generate a range of ideas: a group of bell ringers; an NHS unit of health workers and choral performances have all been primary contributors to Lucy’s projects. The signature toll of four parishes’ bells conjoin to form an alternative rural map of isolated townships; a complex group of underachieving teenagers are formed into a single ‘avatar’ whose individual needs are more clearly identifiable; a series of simple abstract timber forms demonstrate the way an idea can be perceived in unexpected ways.

Lucy works in bronze, wood, print and composition - allowing these materials to develop possibilities and draw out ideas. Using a range of techniques that eliminate, reduce, rotate, invert, overlay, crop, reverse and ‘sound’ her ideas, Lucy creates works that look afresh at the notion of community, inclusion and resilience.